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Ignacio Otero is the founder and president of OTG FIRE, the company is located in Huntsville, Alabama. They are Manufacture Representatives for ­­­­­­­several USA  fire equipemt manufactures, their primary area is Mexico & Latin America.  Ignacio has 12 years of experience in international sales, shipping, and marketing. Ignacio also has 35 years of experience as a career firefighter in California.


OTG FIRE currently has a network of distributors though-out Mexico, Latin America that have partnered with us to provide quality equipment to our clients in the regions we serve.



IGNACIO JR. (CHOPPER) Fire Captain (retired), 25 years expereince in the fire service in California. Recipiant of the California Medal of Valor.


Stephen,  20 years expereince primarily in fire prevention. He has a B.S. in Fire Protection Administration & Technology from Cal State Los Angeles and an A.S. in Fire Technology from College of the Desert. 

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