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our services

Fire Consulting

OTG Fire specializes in providing clients with fire consulting services, reviews of marijuana extractions, CO2 enrichment systems, facility buildouts, fire protection surveys, and operational and administrative reviews all resulting in practical and attainable recommendations relating to the delivery and administration of fire and life safety services.


Our consultant brings extensive knowledge and experience ensuring you save money by saving you time not having to go through several plan checks with cities, counties, and state departments. 

Fire inspections

Inspection services by OTG Fire will allow municipalities and business owners to meet the required fire inspections in their community. Our team of associates works with many municipalities throughout California South America to complete the mandated inspections of public buildings and marijuana new construction inspections. The municipality maintains control of the frequency of inspections and enforcement action taken to correct fire safety deficiencies. If you’d like to talk with us further about how we can assist your community, please connect with us.


fire equipment sales

We represent several U.S.A. manufactures in Mexico and and Latin America. We serve as sales agents for our manufactures working with a large network of distributors in our territory. We are able to provide our clients with wholesale prices. Please look at our list of partners they provide some of the best equipment in the market the quality is second to none. 

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